GDOP update – day 10

Trumpet Call had the privilege of carrying the baton into Day 10, the final day of preparation before GDOP, and what a day it was. Individuals and small groups carried the hourly slots and there were two larger gatherings in the morning and evening.The morning meeting focussed on :

  • surrendering to the Lord’s agenda, His plans and purposes
  • Deut.2:14 – when all the fighting men of an unbelieving generation had died it was time to rise up and to move into God’s purposes. The key points were the importance of God’s timing and moving in that, and that death preceded the entrance of God’s kingdom
  • There was a sense of many streams flowing together as we gathered and stood together from across geographical areas and denominations.

We sang ‘Do you feel the mountains tremble when all the saints join in one song, and all the streams flow as one river to wash away our brokenness?’

In the evening meeting we welcomed  a guest from GDOP London, Jonathan Oloyede. Leaders from several black majority churches came to the meeting and there was opportunity for networking and worship together.

  • There was a wonderful sense of the presence of God as we lifted a deep cry of longing for more of Him… we’re grateful for everything He has done so far … yet we remain hungry for more
  • a number of people had a vision of a large angel who was releasing a blast on a trumpet … the angel had come to make an announcement   (similar to the angels coming to announce the birth of Jesus)… one of our trumpeters was able to hear the sound that the angel was making, and did her best to replicate that sound with her trumpet, as we joined in the announcement -… “The Kingdom of God is HERE!”

-  … we released a great shout, and announced together that the Kingdom of God had indeed come to Nottingham   …   we have great expectation of seeing His rule in all aspects of the life of our city … and we look for His Kingdom rule in our lives, and being outworked through ALL of His body in this city and county.

We ended the time by blessing each other and recognising that this is not the end but the beginning of something new that God is doing.  

“See, I am doing a new thing!   Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness  and streams in the wasteland.” Is 43 v 19

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It’s harvest-time!

 God says stop gleaning and reap the corn in the middle of the field. It is time to bring in the harvest.

 John 4:35                Do you not say, ‘Four months more and then the harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.

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Day 9 – Christian Centre

The Christian Centre had been running a week of 24/7 prayer this week, and combined their final day of 24-hour prayer with the city-wide 10 days of prayer initiative. “We were excited to be ‘part of something bigger’ ” … in our city … and in the world!

Throughout the day, and right through until 8pm, the baton was passed from one person to the next, sometimes with small groups praying together, in the Inspire Prayer Room on Talbot Street. At 8pm, a 4-hour public meeting was held to close out the 24 hours, which had good attendance, and made plenty of space for God’s agenda. It was full of worship, prophecy, intercession, and prayer – excellent!

Some key thoughts from the day:
  • Acts 18:9-10 – “Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent. For I am with you, and no one is going to attack and harm you, because I have many people in this city.”   Each small phrase of this deserves its own focus … “Do not be afraid” … etc …
  • Time to rise above intimidation, and stand strong
  • A sense of God moving people into battle position … for some challenging their attitude (think like a soldier) … for some challenging their geography (get positioned correctly) … for some challenging their intimacy (it’s those who know their God who will do exploits)
  • A call to men to stand tall … as men of God.   When God’s Order is realised … then Life is released for all involved
  • Took a strong stance regarding the challenge of the Advertising Standards Agency, who are requesting St Mark’s in Woodthorpe to refrain from using leaflets that say, “We believe that God loves you and can heal you from any sickness today!” We compared this situation with stories from Acts where the authorities of the day also requested believers to stop!   Also prayed for the ultimate response … an extraordinary release of miracles and healing on the streets!!
  • We used the song that states “Greater things are still to be done in this city” … and spent lots of time praying through those “greater things” that we’re believing God for.
on behalf of 24-7 team
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Day 8 – Christ-Citadel International Church

We sense that God is guiding the Churches in Nottingham to possess the gates of the City of Nottingham. The following word was received concerning our attitude for effectiveness in spiritual warfare and ministry: 
  • In order to position ourselves where we can receive effective deliverance from the prevailing lawlessness. idolatory and sexual perversity  and have the needed restoration ( Isaiah 56:6-7, Obadiah 17), our own submission and obedience must be complete in all humility and reverence (James 4:7, 1 Timothy 3:6, 2 Chronicles 7:14, 2 Chronicles 16:9)
The Youth meditated upon the song Give us your heart by William McDowell   
The lyrics of the song are paramount to this time of waiting for God’s empowerment so that we can go out and fulfill Gods purpose on this earth and that every man and woman will be saved. Part of the lyrics are below:

Give us your heart
Your heart for the nations
for this generation
Give us your heart
For the wounded and the broken
For the widow and the orphan
Give us your heart
For the lost and the dying
We hear your people crying
Give us your heart
For the world that we live in
For the harvest that is waiting
Give us your heart


 The greatest Tragedy in life is that we aim too low
                 and we end up achieving it  …… 
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Day 7 – New Generation Church ‘Arousing the warriors, waking the church’

Isaiah 60        Speaks of the Body of Christ hearing what God says then moving into it. God gave Isaiah an insight, a snapshot to see how the world is waiting for the Church to rise up and be all that Jesus died for her to be.

Zech 4: 1-6     Zechariah was God’s spokesman but he was asleep, God had to send an angel to wake him up and rouse him to a level of alertness so that he was able to speak Gods message to Zerubbabel. God is awakening the Church.

Isa 62:6 -7      I have placed watchment on your walls O Jerusalem ; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest, and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.

So give Him no rest ,  press into God until the Church becomes the praise of God

  After the 10 days don’t go back to business as usual, keep focussed, don’t lose ground that has been taken during this time, keep the momentum of prayer.  There has been an agreement in prayer between the churches during the 10 days, and Psalm 133 tells us that where God’s people are united, God commands/pronounces/bestows/promises his blessing.

Look expectantly for the results of this time, the fruit, our loved ones coming to faith, people turning from addictions and ungodly lifestyles etc. We have sown seeds and God is faithful – there will be a harvest!

Sean Samuel


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Day 7 – South of the River

The baton was picked up by The Rock Church, West Bridgford, as a 24 hour chain of prayer was organized. The majority of one hour prayer slots were filled by members of The Rock, with the remainder covered by Impact, the 18-25′s group of The Christian Centre (see other blog entry – Impact Prays).

In the evening a prayer meeting was held in the Assembly Room of County Hall, headed up by Alistair Kent, senior leader of The Rock, and supported by members of various West Bridgford churches. Over 60 people were present, and there was a strong sense of unity and purpose.  Prayer was made for the World, our nation, our city and each other; some in small groups and some on an open mic.  One moment was particularly powerful, when a member of a church youth group came forward to pray for his generation, he was overcome with emotion and the Holy Spirit, and was immediately encouraged by someone of an older generation standing with him and joining in prayer.

Other themes were the unity of believers in reaching out to our community, and a strong sense that God has not given up on UK.

Scriptures which were used were:

  • Revelation 19:6 in relation to the Omnipotence of God
  • Ephesians 3:20 in relation to asking and imagining bigger things of God
  • Romans 15:5-6 in relation to being in unity and like-mindedness.

The evening was concluded with a prophetic encouragement that ‘there is no barrier to God’s Spirit’.

Alistair Kent

Skpe: alistair.kent

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Impact 24 Hours of Prayer (Christian Centre 18-25s)

Tuesday 6pm – Wednesday 6pm

For the first 15 hours, God just kept taking us back to His love for us – we all felt it revealed to us in a new way. It sounds cheesey, but then we were seeking God, asking Him to reveal Himself, and God is love so I guess you can’t see God without knowing His love.

After that, from about 9am we interceded for students in the city, for God to start a fire on campuses, to give us a great burden for the lost. Also for our church and the churches in the city, and our 18-25s work. We are believing for 1,000 18-25s to become Christians, so we spent a lot of time praying for that!

The best thing was at the end of the 24 hours – the few of us who stayed through weren’t glad that it was over, we could have kept on praising God!

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Impact Prays


So Impact (the 18-25 ministry) at the Christian Centre are doing 24 hours of prayer from last night (Tues) at 6pm to today.


We really feel that this 24 hours God is taking us on a journey of His love for us as Sons and Daughters.

I was there last night and we had a great time of silence, listening to God’s heartbeat and asking god to reveal the things which stop us from knowing we are loved. Many of us camped around the thoughts that God delights in us and on reflecting from Brennan Mannings ‘Abbas Child’ that we have all become accustomed to earning love from others, desiring affirmation and praise and yet God calls us to be radically defined by His love.

Some scriptures were Ephesians 1 and Romans 8.

We then entered a time going through Psalm 95. We thanked God for who He is, for creating us, for the many blessings he gives and called them out one by one. We then spent time praising God and then finally kneeling in silence before the heavenly Father.

Was such a great time.

We are also praying for God to give us a burden to reach the lost, in particular to reach the 60,000 students of Nottingham and see God move on our campuses. Most of today was spent looking at that and praying for each one of them to come to know Christ.

Please pray with us.

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Day 6 St Nicholas

Having spent a lovely evening in the   presence of God with St Nics in their  temporary home on  Castlegate I am reflecting on the key themes that came through as we worshipped God , starting with Psalm 24, and prayed about the 7 pillars of the city. Out of the time of worship there was encouragement from the Lord :

  • that He is cleansing the city as we repent, washing away sin and brokeness, bringing restoration, rebuilding from clean foundations
  • A picture of Nottingham as a city on a mountain where volcanic lava flows have wrought desolation but which also bring renewal and a highway up the mountain. That He is calling the city to repentance to wash away sin.
  • That we as His people are living stones, the walls of the city which he is building, held together by His love
  • A picture of the church as chain mail, impenetrable as each link takes its place to make it strong


    There was prayer for the life of the city including unity in the church, good news in the media, wisdom for those in authority, protection and blessing for children.

    Ending with praise, ‘May your glory fall in this room, may it go forth from here to the nations’ we ‘handed the baton’ over to those taking day 7

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    Day 6 – St Helen’s Stapleford

    Just reporting in from the day of prayer at St Helen’s Stapleford.
    We have been thrilled with the response of people to join in the various avenues of prayer that we planned for today, from an initial gathering from midnight to 1.00am, to a breakfast meeting in a cafe on the high street, from individuals praying on their own, to different people gathered at different times at church.
    We have been struck by the peace and naturalness of prayer, the sense of the gift of prayer to further God’s purposes, the passion and commitment of people to seek after God’s heart, and the longing to see God bless and heal our communities.
    Some threads running through the day:
    • God coming to fill our emptiness
    • God longing for relationship with himself and us with each other
    • Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in Daniel 3 standing up for God
    • An awareness of our need of God and his overwhelming love
    • Seeing the good things in our community with thanksgiving
    • Praise is the key that brings release
    • Fling wide the gates (Psalm 24) and a picture of lock gates opening and being lifted up in the power of the Spirit.

    Thank you Father for the privilege of joining in prayer in this way.
    May it just be the start.
    Peter Huxtable
    Vicar – St Helen’s and St Luke’s Stapleford
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